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British Expats in France Set to Legally Challenge Brexit

A group of British expats in France are bringing a legal challenge to Brexit, pushing the UK parliament to have a vote on the triggering of Article 50.

As it stands the Prime Minister can start the 2 year process of leaving the EU now through a process called the Royal Prerogative, however lawyers believe Parliament should have a say before this process is implemented.

The group from France believe the referendum voting process did not take into consideration the British expats residing in their adopted countries throughout Europe. They have invested substantially in property purchasing and renovation in their adopted countries and are concerned that Britain’s EU exit will result in privileges such as health care, schooling and pensions being withdrawn. There are also concerns that they may be forced to leave France and could potentially lose their investment in selling their properties, whilst also potentially being unable to get back on the UK property ladder, leaving them with little equity to rebuild their lives back in Britain. 

‘Fair deal’ hope to represent the 1.2 million expats living throughout Europe and have a court date in October.

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