Review Your Existing Portfolio

The key success is to regularly assess and review your investments. Haven’t had a review for over 6 months? – It’s time to take action.

One of our Financial Advisers  will carefully examine your current strategy and give you an independent and unbiased review free of charge.

Keep Your Investments On Track


Review your investments to optimise performance and minimise costs.

It can be frustrating to not know how well your investments are performing and what  your advisers are charging you in fees, commissions & charges.

But did you know you can review your existing portfolio with an independent adviser, who will evaluate your portfolio and bring it up to date, in most cases free of charge?

Get in touch because,  if there is a way to improve your current terms, we will find it and explain how you can get the most of your current plan. 

We work with some of the investment managers in the world.

This is what the review might include: 

  • Bring your investment up to date with the current legislation;

  • Make sure your investment strategy is tax efficient;

  • Re-focus your plan to match your personal circumstances, goals and risk profile. 

We will also arrange regular reviews to keep your investment on track.

And if we think that your plan is optimal, we will say so and not impose any unnecessary changes.

Just a few points why it is so essential to regularly review your portfolio:

  • First of all, because markets change rapidly, and the strategy that was most suitable a year ago might not be the most efficient now – look at what happened because of Brexit, and Covid, as most recent examples. 

  • Secondly, do things remain constant within our lives? The answer is rarely! Your personal circumstances might have changed – when you first began investing you may have been keen to achieve as much growth as possible, reinvesting the returns to enhance this. Now you might prefer to take an income from your investments; perhaps with a goal of maintaining value or even reducing your portfolio size over the long term.

  • Also importantly, changes in legislation could mean that you’re missing out on investment opportunities that match your goals. Or that your investments are no longer as tax  or cost efficient as they once were.

We are fully regulated in Cyprus and the EU and unlike most investment advisers, offer clients access to full discretionary portfolio management with a dedicated, professionally qualified and regulated Investment Manager. We keep track of the rapidly changing legislation in the EU and the UK and will find the most advantageous investment strategy, designed around your needs and aspirations. 

Get in touch and one of our fully qualified Financial Advisers  will carefully examine your current strategy and give you an independent and unbiased review free of charge.

Some of the core products we offer


Pension Reviews

Review existing UK pension scheme benefits and transfer options




A tax-efficient retirement savings account available in Great Britain. Self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) give individuals freedom to put their money in a wide range of investments, including stocks, bonds, unit trusts and ETF’s, unlike company-sponsored pensions, where the company chooses a short list of investment options to offer. SIPPs were introduced in 1989 and have become increasingly popular because of the end of lifetime careers and lifetime final salary pensions.




Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) is an overseas scheme that meets local tax rules, is recognised by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and offers varied retirement planning opportunities for non-residents of the UK.

This type of pension scheme is based outside the UK and is available to individuals who have UK based pension funds but who are living outside the UK. HMRC defined the legislation in April 2006 allowing the transfer of UK pension funds to other schemes which meet their requirements. It is particularly valuable to individuals who have left company pension funds in the UK but who reside abroad and have little intention of returning to the UK in the near future. For any individual who has been entered into a pension scheme in the UK (regardless of Citizenship) there is a possible advantage in moving the fund of their pension scheme into an environment where the proceeds of the pension may be treated more favorably.