Brexit Makes UK Boarding Schools an Attractive Proposition to Expat Parents

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has led to a devaluation of the Pound, which has made the large fees charged by UK boarding schools more affordable to expat families.

The average UK boarding school fees are around £25,000, and some currencies such as the Bahraini Dinar, have become worth twice as much as Sterling. This has allowed UK boarding schools to become more affordable to expat families and broadened their range of options for educating their children.

Anderson Education works with more than 350 British boarding schools, and they have noted that “the devaluation in the pound exchange rate has made the option of UK boarding a more realistic one for many families”.

Seeking UK boarding school options for your children can provide many benefits, including providing them with exposure to life experiences outside of their expat lifestyle, and giving them specialist tutoring and support which can aid them in obtaining places at prestigious UK universities.

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