EU Voters Think UK Should be Offered Tough Brexit Deal

Voters in France, Germany, Spain and Italy state that the UK should be offered a tough Brexit deal, rather than favourable terms, according to a survey that reveals the gulf in expectations between Britain and the EU.

A poll by Ipsos-Mori showed that 39% of French people think the EU should offer the UK unfavourable terms, compared with only 19% that wanted a favourable deal. This pattern was replicated in Germany, Italy, Spain and Belgium, albeit with those wanting tougher terms having a narrower lead.

Unsurprisingly, Britons were the most likely to say the EU should offer a good deal (56%), although a striking minority (16%) thought the EU should offer unattractive terms. In contrast, only a quarter of voters in Spain, Italy and Germany think the UK should get favourable terms, a factor that is likely to influence national leaders as they prepare for divorce talks with the British.

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This article has been taken from the Guardian newspaper

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