Inflation in focus

The first quarter of 2021 saw inflation become the hot topic for investors The rollout of COVID-19 vaccines boosted hopes for a return to a new ‘normal’ of economic and social activity. In turn, this encouraged a reassessment of government and central bank policy accommodation, including their i...
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Do you know your Domicile?

One area that we have been speaking to residents about more and more recently is domicile, and in particular when they have clients that fall into either of the following categories: – UK Expatriates If clients have left the UK, do they know that they could still be UK domiciled and subject to...
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EU blacklist

On 6 October 2020, the Economic and Financial Affairs Council of the EU (ECOFIN) issued a revised list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes known as the EU ‘blacklist’. The latest review of this list has added the island nations of Anguilla and Barbados, whilst delisting Oman and th...
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Saving For Retirement Is No Longer A Lifetime Away

In the 2016 budget the UK Government announced the introduction of the Lifetime ISA, a scheme through which 18-40 year olds can invest up to £4,000 per year until the age of 50, at which point the Government would add a 25% bonus to the total funds deposited. The Lifetime ISA would be accessed tax-...
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Alternative Property Investments to consider

Buy-to-let investors have seen the introduction of a raft of changes to tax rules in recent months which make being a landlord a less attractive option for many. Changes include a new 3% stamp duty land tax surcharge introduced in April 2016 on top of standard stamp duty rates for anyone buying a se...
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Pension Advice for Expats

4 key moves you should make if you’re thinking of transferring your pension overseas. For many moving their pension overseas is a big decision to take, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We’ve added some steps below for you to take, before you make your final decision: Advice fo...
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