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New EU Rules on Dividing Assets when Divorcing

Numerous European countries are working to end the complicated headache of costly and conflicting inheritance laws affecting cross-border relationships. 
It has been announced by the council of the European Union that 18 states are ready to agree a common approach for people embroiled in ‘red tape nightmare’ between different legal systems when divorcing.
New rules and regulations will determine which court has jurisdiction in a case, how the law is implied, and how property and personal assets will be split.
The participating states are: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Italia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Finland and Sweden.
Any other European country can join up whenever they wish. The new regulations do not hit the local laws concerning civil partnerships and marriage. The European Union estimates there are around 16 m married couples effected by the cross-border law and inheritance rules.The countries are expected to adopt the new regulations in the coming weeks.
The new rules do not apply if either spouse is from a country not in the EU.

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