Denmark Ranked as “Best For Business” by Forbes

For the second year in a row Forbes magazine has ranked Denmark as the best country for business, placing it at no.1 in their global league table ‘Best countries for business’. Forbes has been publishing the list for the past decade, and Denmark has ranked first in six of the ten annual editions.

Denmark has transparent and efficient business regulations which is what makes it No.1 on the ‘Best countries for business’ list. Recently Denmark was also ranked no.1 in Europe by the world bank in their ‘doing business report’. The Danish minister for foreign affairs Kristen Jensen hopes that the recurring international recognition of the Danish business climate will attract more foreign investors:

“Creating the best conditions for a striving business sector is a key priority for the Danish Government, and I am very pleased to see that our efforts resonate in international rankings. We are determined to make it even easier and more worthwhile to do business in Denmark and to attract more foreign investments.”

“Therefore, we have launched a range of initiatives that will improve framework conditions for all companies – Danish and foreign – who do business in Denmark.”

Denmark ranks in the top 20 in all but one of the 11 metrics used to measure the Best Countries for Business. Denmark excels in the categories freedom and low corruption, and the regulatory climate is one of the most transparent and efficient in the world.

Source: Forbes   

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