Switzerland is Top Expat Destination

Switzerland comes top as an all-round expat destination

Out of 35 countries Switzerland has been ranked number one as the best expat destination for a well balanced, good quality of life, Singapore, China and Germany were also in the top 5, whilst Egypt rated poorly at no. 34 and UK a miserable no. 33. Japan seems to be the safest place to relocate with children with 94% of people surveyed say they’re quality of life has improved, whilst Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are chosen for better employment prospects.

The HSBC expat survey 2014  conducted by YouGov, is one of the largest global surveys of expats. This year, nearly 9,300 expats from around the world shared their views on quality of life, financial well being, and the ease of raising a family abroad.

Dean Blackburn, head of HSBC Expat, said: ‘There are a great many decisions involved in making the move abroad, ranging from consideration of finances and managing money, right through to integrating into the local community and arranging childcare.

While Asia continues to excel as a region for those looking for higher salaries, the Middle East draws career minded expats and New Zealand offers a great opportunity for those looking for quality of life and a good place to raise a family.

‘This year’s Expat Explorer league table shows that there are many countries that offer a good balance, providing expats with a rewarding and exciting experience.

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